Love at first bite


Discover biscotti, the culinary treasure that is typically Italian but is now made in Quebec. To be savoured with coffee, tea or wine, served as an appetizer or dessert, our biscotti leave quite an impression. Offer your guests and clients the best bite they will never forget.



Made by hand with passion

Because by hand is the only way to make a real artisanal biscotti. The biscotti is not quite a dessert or a snack. Its perfection lies in how it is made, using the original and traditional ways of Italy but with artisanal flavours to surprise the palette and bring biscotti back to where it should be, at the top of the food chain.



Richelle Fortin, Artisan and owner


When the time came for me to find where my passion lay, it was there, right in my kitchen; traditional, yet innovative, it beckoned to me and the artisanal biscotti was born. 



The perfect and delicious mix of tradition and bountiful ingredients

Classic biscotti for the sake of tradition and artisanal biscotti to seduce those that don’t yet know their beauty.



If you have questions for us…

Our mission is to offer personalised service with a smile. We are available to answer all your questions and discuss your needs. We can also create a recipe tailored to your establishment only!